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Cultural Anthropology Links


  • American Ethnological Association (AES) is the oldest professional anthropological organization in the United States. Founded in 1842 to encourage research in the emerging field of ethnology, its stated goal was to foster "inquiries generally connected with the human race."
  • Ethnographics Gallery of the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, University of Kent. This is the oldest site for Anthropologists on the Internet, and includes pointers to some of our research projects, a growing list of resources we have developed (Bibliography with 12000+ references, UK Theses abstracts index, sample chapters (and a few whole works) from the CSAC Monographs series, and a virtual collection of Macintosh, Windows, MSDOS and unix software of interest to anthropologists.
  • Anthro TECH. Features web services and provides resources for anthropologists of all sub-disciplines and students of anthropology. The site features an anthropological database that has over 2,800 Internet Resources that are categorized, cross-referenced, and searchable.
  • American Folklife Center. A division of the Library of Congress.
  • The Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) HRAF produces two major collections (the HRAF Collection of Ethnography and the HRAF Collection of Archaeology), encyclopedias, and other resources for teaching and research.
  • Kinship and Social Organization, an interactive tutorial from Brian Schwimmer, University of Manitoba.
  • Society for Visual Anthropology, a section of the AAA.
  • The Center for Ethnomusicology. Founded in 1967 by Professor Willard Rhodes and Professor Nicholas England as "The Center for Studies in Ethnomusicology,"
  • Center for Critical Human Survival Issues: CCHSI aims at a critical engagement with both local and global human concerns

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