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'Anthropology of Food' Summer Course Leaves Students Hungry for More

— by Kate Colwell

University of Virginia students in Lisa Shutt's "Anthropology of Food" class are looking in a whole new way at what goes into their stomachs and how it got there.

Over the course of four weeks this summer, the students are exploring the ties between food, kinship, gender and ritual, among other cultural practices that both define and unite societies across the world. As an anthropologist and lecturer in the College of Arts & Sciences, Shutt explained, "Food is part of all our identities."

Shutt, who grew up as an Italian-American and spent time researching cheese-making practices in France, created the summer session class to offer a fun medium through which to examine many different areas of anthropology. The class aims to pinpoint and break down cultural concepts, such as the family unit, in relation to food that take on very different meanings in other parts of the world... (Read more)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011