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Three Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards go to anthropology students

Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards for 2012-'13 were given to three students closely associated with our undergraduate program. One goes jointly to R. Elliot Oakley (Economics and Anthropology and Economics Major) and Caio Setubal (Anthropology and Mathematics Major) for a project titled "Two is One: Understanding Makushi Mathematical Logic" which they hope to carry out under George Mentore’s direction this coming summer in Guyana. They anticipate their summer’s research to lead to Distinguished Major’s Theses. Jose Argueta also received a Harrison Award for his project, “A House of One's Own - The Aftermath of Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff.” Argueta is a History and Philosophy major whose project will be directed by Professor of History and Law, Charles McCurdy. It is appropriate to bring this up for us because much of his stimulation derived from reading about housing in Fred Damon’s course ANTH3155 --Transforming Everyday Life in Americas-- and he is continuing his preparation for research in Hawaii this summer by reading, among other works, Sahlins and Kirch’s historical archaeological study of Hawaii, Anahulu the Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Thursday, 23 February 2012