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Linguistic Anthropology Seminar -- Fall 2007

Friday, November 2, 1-3pm (Brooks Hall)

David Golumbia (Assistant Professor, Departments of English and Media Studies, University of Virginia)

"Computers and the Cultural Politics of Language"

Suggested Readings

Hausser, Roland. 2001. Computational language analysis. In: Foundations of Computational Linguistics, 2nd edition, Berlin: Springer-Verlag. (Pp. 13-32)

Goldsmith, John. 2004. From algorithms to generative grammar and back again. Ms., University of Chicago. Talk delivered at Chicago Linguistic Society.

Winograd, Terry. 1973. A procedural model of language understanding. In Roger Schank and Kenneth Colby, eds., Computer models of thought and language. San Francisco: WH Freeman. (Pp. 152-86)


Thursday, October 11, 6-8pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Andrew Pawley (Professor Emeritus, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University)

"Where have all the verbs gone? Remarks on the organization of languages with closed verb classes"

Suggested Readings

Pawley, Andrew. Where have all the verbs gone? Remarks on the organization of languages with closed verb classes 


Friday, November 16, 1-3pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Ashley Williams (University of Virginia)

"The performance of identity in the sociolinguistic interview"

Suggested Readings

Schilling-Estes, Natalie. 2004. Constructing ethnicity in interaction. Journal of Sociolinguistics 8(2):163-195.

Zilles, Ana M. S. and Kendall King. 2005. Self-presentation in sociolinguistic interviews: Identities and language variation in Panambi, Brazil. Journal of Sociolinguistics 9(1):74-94.