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Spring 2007

Friday, January 19, 10:30am-12pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Mark Sicoli

"On Speech Registers in Oaxaca."


Friday, January 26, 10am-12pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Lise Dobrin (with Herb Ladley)

"Missionaries and Scholars: The Overlapping Agendas of Linguists in the Field."

Suggested Readings

  1. Pennycook, Alistair and Sinfree Makoni. 2005. "The Modern Mission: The Language Effects of Christianity." Journal of Language, Identity, and Education4(2):137-155.
  2. Two letters to the SSILA Bulletin: University of Texas. 2006. "Letter of Opposition to Adopting Ethnologue's Language Codes for ISO 639-3" AND Van der Voort, Hein. 2006. "Problems with the Ethnologue."
  3. Dryer, Matthew. "A Non-Christian's Defense of SIL." (.pdf, 19KB)

Handout (please bring to seminar)

 "Missionaries and Scholars" LSA Session Handout


Thursday-Saturday, February 22-24 (Charlottesville Omni Hotel)

Annual Meeting of the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania

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Friday, March 23, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

 Chantal Tetreault (.pdf, 28KB) (Assistant Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

"Social Personas at the Intersection of Styled and Quoted Speech: Cité Teens Performing T.V. Host Style"

Suggested Background Reading

Koven, Michele. 2001. “Comparing Bilinguals’ Quoted Performances of Self and Others in Tellings of the same Experience in Two Languages.” Language in Society 30: 513-558.

Draft of Paper to be Presented

Tetreault, Chantal. Social Personas at the Intersection of Styled and Quoted Speech: Cite Teens Performing T.V. Host Style.”


Friday, March 30, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Adam Harr

"Ideology and Speech Style in the Making of Lio Marriage"

Suggested Reading

Irvine, Judith. 2001. “Style as Distinctiveness: The Culture and Ideology of Linguistic Differentiation.” In Eckert, Penelope & John Rickford (eds.), Style and Sociolinguistic Variation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Pp.21-43)

Eckert & Rickford (eds) 2001


Friday, April 6, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Annick de Houwer (University of Antwerp)

"Healthy Bilingual Development: Attitudes are the Key"

Suggested Reading

King, Kendall and Lyn Fogle. 2006. "Bilingual Parenting as Good Parenting: Parents' Perspectives on Family Language Policy for Additive Bilingualism." International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 9(6):695-711.

De Houwer, Annick. 1999. "Environmental Factors in Early Bilingual Development: The Role of Parental Beliefs and Attitudes." In Guus Extra and Ludo Verhoeven (eds.), Bilingualism and Migration, Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

De Houwer, Annick. In Press. "Reflections on Child Family Bilingualism: time to Focus More on Factors Promoting Harmonious Bilingual Development."


Friday, May 4, 11am-1pm (Brooks Hall Library)

Tom Bonfiglio (William Judson Gaines Professor of Comparative Literature and Linguistics, University of Richmond)

"On the History of the Native Speaker"

Suggested Background Readings

Bonfiglio, Thomas. (In press).  "Language, Racism, and Ethnicity."

Selections from the volume: Singh, Rajendra (ed), The Native
Speaker: Multilingual Perspectives. New Delhi: Sage Publications.

Singh, Udaya Narayana. “Introduction.” (Pp.11-25)

Dasgupta, Probal. “The native speaker: a short history.” (Pp. 182-191)

Kandiah, Thiru. 1998. “Epiphanies of the deathless native user’s manifold avatars.” (Pp.79-110)

Pattanayak, D. P. “Mother tongue: an Indian context.” (Pp.124-147)