1. University of Virginia
  2. Arts & Sciences

Fall 2005

September 16, 11am-1pm

Lauren Squires

"Speaking in Text (-: Socio/linguistic Issues in Computer Mediated Discourse."


September 22

Rich Janda

"Linguistic Importations from Biology: Cross-Pollenation or Cross-Bollixation?"
10am-12noon in Brooks Hall Library.

"'Speak Friend and Enter!' The Lord of the Rings as a Gateway to Language."
5:00-6:30pm in Minor Auditorium


September 28, 4-5:30pm

Arienne Dwyer


September 30, 4-5pm

IATH digitalization “summit”: Helen Dry & Tony Aristar on E-Meld


October 19


"Toda naming practices"
10:30am - 12noon in Brooks Hall Library

"Toda songs."
3:00 pm in Minor Hall


October 21, 11am-1pm

Peter Hook

Vector Verbs


October 27, 11am-1pm

Eve Danzinger

Doing Prehistory with Language: Semantic Change and Borrowing in the Proto-Yucatecan (Mayan) Kinship Lexicon.


November 4, 11am-1pm

Lisa McNair

“Negotiating Linguistic Capital in Economic Decline."


November 18, 11am-1pm

Lisa Conathan

“Balancing description and documentation: Contemporary Arapaho pitch accent and verbal aspect.”