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ANTH 5220

Considers Western economic theories and their relevance to non-Western societies. Includes a comparative analysis of different forms of production, consumption, and circulation.

ANTH 5210

Examines the ways in which the forms of kinship have been reconfigured in contemporary societies, and the ways in which traditional kinship studies have been reconfigured by their intersection with culture theory, feminist theory, gender studies, postmodern theory, gay and lesbian studies, and cultural studies of science and medicine. Prerequisite: ANTH 5200 or instructor permission.

ANTH 5200

Critical assessment of major theoretical approaches to the study of kinship and marriage (from the 19th century to the present) and of the central role of kinship studies in the development of anthropological theory.

ANTH 5190

This course explores the cultural context of science and science as a cultural production. It investigates the cultural history of science as well as its national and transnational manifestations; the relation between scientific authority and social hierarchy; and the relation between cultural and scientific categories and practices. Prerequisite: Previous anthropological course work or consent of instructor.

ANTH 5180

Seminar on the relationships between international capital, governments, and working people.

ANTH 4999

Writing of a thesis of approximately 50 pages, under the supervision of the faculty DMP thesis readers. Prerequisite: ANTH 4998.

ANTH 4998

Independent research, under the supervision of the faculty DMP thesis readers, toward the DMP thesis. Prerequisite: Admission to the Distinguished Majors Program in Anthropology.

ANTH 4993

Independent study conducted by the student under the supervision of an instructor of his or her choice.

ANTH 4991-001

ANTH 4841

This course offers training in statistical models and methods that will be useful for students in multiple fields, including archaeology, anthropology, and environmental science. The goal is to equip students with statistical skills useful in systematically describing and analyzing empirical variation, deciphering links to the environmental and historical contexts in which that variation occurs, and using the results to advance science. Prerequisites: ANTH 4840 Quantitative Analysis I.


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