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The Parrot Talks: Complex Pueblo Society Older Than Previously Thought

Somehow, colorful tropical scarlet macaws from tropical Mesoamerica – the term anthropologists use to refer to Mexico and parts of northern Central America – ended up hundreds of miles north in the desert ruins of an ancient civilization in what is now New Mexico.

Museum Director Honored by Australia for Bringing ‘Down Under’ Up to U.Va.

One of the newest honorary members of the Order of Australia is the University of Virginia’s Margo Smith, director and curator of the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection. Being appointed to the Order of Australia is the highest honor the Australian government bestows upon individuals who have contributed outstanding service in their field.

Kudos to Julie Starr

Julie Starr has accepted a one year visiting position in the anthropology department at Hamilton College in upstate New York. She will begin teaching this fall, 2015.  Congratulations, Julie!

Kudos to Ira Bashkow

Please join me in congratulating Ira on being awarded the Jefferson Scholars Foundation Award for Excellence in Teaching. 
Nominations come from across the University and Ira was one of three 2015 recipients. 

Congratulations to Mary Pancoast

Congratulations to Mary Pancoast for receipt of a Fulbright Grant in support of her research on refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan!

Congratulations to Lee Bloch

Congratulations!  to Lee Bloch who has received a National Science Foundation dissertation research improvement grant and a Wenner-Gren dissertation fieldwork grant in support of his research on Muskogee history making and living mound landscapes. 

Kudos to Abby Holeman

Kudos to Abby Holeman who has been hired as Academic Programs Manager in our College of Arts & Sciences!  Congratulations, Abby!!

At the Crossroads of Linguistics and Anthropology

Disciplinary Perspectives on Language Documentation

Dobrin conducting fieldwork in Papua New Guinea

Dobrin conducting fieldwork in Papua New Guinea. Photo courtesy Lise Dobrin

Between Magic and Medicine: Colonial Yucatec Healing and the Spanish Atlantic World

Kudos to Bremen Donovan

Kudos to Bremen Donovan in winning a “Praxis Fellowship” through the Scholars Lab at the UVa Library.


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