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Congratulations to Lydia Rodrigues

Warmest congratulations to Lydia Rodriguez (Ph.D. 2014)!  Lydia has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Anthropology at SUNY Potsdam.

Kudos to Julia Haines

Kudos to Julia Haines, for receiving an SSRC fellowship, as well as a Buckner W. Clay fellowship, to support her fieldwork in Mauritius.

Kudos to Susan Palazzo

Kudos to Susan Palazzo who received grants from the Buckner W. Clay Endowment for the Humanities and CGII (Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation) for her project, "What's for Dinner? Understanding Changing Foodways in Bronze and Iron Age Sardinia". 

Congratulations to Carrie Heitman and Steve Plog

Congratulations to Carrie Heitman and Steve Plog for their beautiful,newly released edited volume: Chaco Revisited: New Research on the Prehistory of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (2015 University of Arizona Press).  Essays by Carrie, Steve, Adam Watson, and others.

Kluge-Ruhe Collection Unveils Unique Aboriginal Art for Student Research

Kudos to Erika Brant

Erika Brant she has been awarded a Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Dumbarton Oaks offers very few fellowships and is extremely selective, this is a wonderful honor.

Congratulations to Erika

"Performance Anxiety: Memory, Silence, and Shame in Siberian Language Shift"

"Words on Trial -- Forensic Linguistics in Criminal, Civil, and Intelligence Investigations"

How could a death row inmate's future hinge upon the testimony of a linguist?


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