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"Words on Trial -- Forensic Linguistics in Criminal, Civil, and Intelligence Investigations"

How could a death row inmate's future hinge upon the testimony of a linguist?

Student Spotlight: Fourth-Year Kiana Williams Finds Her Path on Grounds and Abroad

Kiana Williams transferred to the University of Virginia from New York University at the start of her second year. After thriving in the classroom and joining several organizations – she’s the president of the Virginia Anthropology Society, a facilitator for the Women’s Asian American Leadership Initiative, casework intern at the International Rescue Committee, contributor to Iris Magazine, former intern at the U.Va. Women's Center and a member of the Organization of Young Filipino Americans – Williams is now a fourth-year student looking to life beyond graduation.

Kudos to Karenne Wood

Warm congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Karenne Wood, who has been named one of this year's "Virginia Women in History" by the Library of Virginia.


Kudos to Carolyn Howarter

Congratulating Carolyn Howarter, who received an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant!

Some Bodies in the Archive: Second Thoughts and Feelings on Parks and Memorials

“Giving Life: Managing Intimacy and Regulating Affective Circuits Among Malagasy Marriage Migrants in France”

The Planetary Imagination: Worlding Practices of American Astronomers

"Sex Pots of Ancient Peru: are they relevant?"

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