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“The “dirty” material and symbolic work of “state” building in central Madagascar: A Powerful icon/index potentially lost to view among enticing, exotic symbols"

Kudos to Mieka Brand Polanco

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Congratulations to Mieka Brand Polanco on the publication of her new book, Historically Black: Imagaining Community in a Black Historic District.









Elephants and kings: India in the optic of China

Pursuing “Real” Justice in International Child Abductions

Kudos to Jacqueline Cieslak

Kudos to Jacqueline Cieslak who has received a Fulbright IEE grant to support her fieldwork. 

Our warmest congratulations to you, Jacqui 

Kudos to Erika Brant

Kudos to Erika Brant she has been awarded a fellowship from the Raven Society to support her return to Peru this summer to analyze the materials she recovered during excavations last summer.

Our warmest congratulations to you, Erika!!

Kudos to Rose Wellman

Kudos to Rose Wellman who not only won the Anthropology GTA award this year, but also the 2013-14 Class of 1985 Fellowship for Creative Teaching Award!  
Our warmest congratulations to you, Rose!!

INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Kansas State University Professor: Michael Wesch

“The Great Project”

The Reluctant Healer: An Amil and an Anthropologist

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In lieu of an abstract, I give a brief extract from the paper I will present – based on a chapter from my forthcoming book Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty (Fordham University Press, October, 2014)


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