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Department Speakers Series

Some Bodies in the Archive: Second Thoughts and Feelings on Parks and Memorials

“Giving Life: Managing Intimacy and Regulating Affective Circuits Among Malagasy Marriage Migrants in France”

The Planetary Imagination: Worlding Practices of American Astronomers

"Sex Pots of Ancient Peru: are they relevant?"

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  • Reception follows in Brooks Hall Commons



Gifts, Recruitments, and Co-Presence in a Zapotec Village

The Blind Leading the Blind: The Discovery of Human Echolocation

Filial Obsessions: Desire and Chinese Patriliny

“The “dirty” material and symbolic work of “state” building in central Madagascar: A Powerful icon/index potentially lost to view among enticing, exotic symbols"

Elephants and kings: India in the optic of China


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