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My dissertation project examines an emerging form of multiethnic nationalism in modern-day Slovenia. Against the backdrop of growing Slovene ethno-nationalism and neo-Nazism, I work with a group of grassroots reconciliationists who are working to reconfigure Slovenian conceptions of kinship and belonging. Exhumation of the mass graves from the Foibe Massacres and ritual interment is the central project of the reconciliationists' peaceful nation-building, bringing the ontological project of the state down to the level of the civilian.


I am interested in the Political Ecology of State formations in post-colonial South Asia. My quest is to find out more about the lines that are drawn on maps and established in Atlases. Who drew these lines, jotted dots and colored segments in contrasts? Why did they draw them? How were they drawn? Moreover, how will the realization of global warming alter this map? My research is specifically focused on the Chars of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna river system in the borderlands of Kurigram district.


My research centers on efforts to document and revitalize the Dakota language at Lake Traverse Reservation in northeastern South Dakota. Like most Native American languages, Dakota is highly endangered, with approximately 500 remaining speakers in a population of more than 20,000 people. I have the privilege of participating in efforts to revitalize Dakota in two primary ways. On the one hand, I document playful and poetic genres of speech, which are often neglected in documentary research.


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