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General Events

Dissertation Defense: Invention of the Market: The Political Economy of Everyday Life in Late Socialist Cuba

Dissertation Defense: A Critical Age: Single Motherhood and the Making of Family and Nation in Israel

Proposal Defense

The Cousin Marriage Debate and the World of Science and Medicine in 19th-Century America

Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology: Research Training at the Smithsonian

Museum collections are being rediscovered as a potential source of anthropological data, relevant to topics as diverse as exchange theory, visual anthropology, and indigenous history. The Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology (SIMA) was created to build methodological bridges between theory and things, a gap that many university programs cannot address.

How to Win at Cards: Hints and Tips from the New Guinea Highlands

In the Highland town of Goroka, gambling capital of Papua New Guinea, knowing how to play is second nature. There is no shortage of card games, yet two dominate the landscape, the most longstanding of which (kwin) I discuss in this paper. Gambling as a practice is of colonial origin, but the games are indigenous forms; I attempt to unravel one game’s intricacies and through it how Gorokan ideas play out every day on the street corner. I do this the only way of really knowing a game: exploring the attributes and attitudes required for victory.


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