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Declaring an Anthropology Major or Minor

Please e-mail the Director of the Undergraduate Program, Adria LaViolette (laviolette@virginia.edu), to say that you want to declare an Anthropology major or minor.  Prof. LaViolette will assign you an advisor and answer any questions you might have. When you meet with your advisor, they will finish signing you up and help you with your declaration form. 

On the day of your appointment, bring along a major or minor declaration form (pick it up in Monroe Hall) and access your Academic Requirement Report in SIS. It is not obligatory to print out the AR SIS form (which can be many pages), but you do need to remember what Anthropology courses you have taken and when you took them. It also helps to look over the Anthropology section of the Undergraduate Record before your meeting, so that you have an idea of what the requirements are and what courses you would like to use to complete your major or minor. Once you have declared the major or minor, SIS will continue to track the fulfillment for your Anthropology major requirements. We encourage you to make an advising appointment with your advisor every term.

For additional information contact Adria LaViolette, Director of the Undergraduate Program, at laviolette@virginia.edu or (434) 982-2631.